Digital Privacy Salon


Because bad stuff happens…

Target audience: Everyone using IT equipment
Languages: FR / EN / DE / LB
Duration: 2 hours
Level: basic knowledge about IT usage

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Training info

A digital privacy salon aims to present and explain how to use secure communication tools along with good Internet hygiene and understanding the associated risks.


  • Learning how to securely use:
  • Browsers (e.g. HTTPS, plugins, passwords, tracking, phishing)
  • Instant messaging (e.g. OTR, Cryptocat)
  • Emails (e.g. virus, spam, encryption (PGP - GnuPG))
  • Mobile devices (e.g. tracking, secure communication)
  • Disk encryption (e.g. FireVault, Bitlocker, LUKS, truecrypt)
  • Online and offline exchange of data (e.g. USB, Sharing platforms)
  • Network encryption (e.g. VPN, Tor)
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