MONARC – optimised risk analysis method

MONARC Training

Don’t be afraid of risk. Manage it.

Target audience: Risk or IT managers
Languages: FR / EN
Duration: 6 hours
Level: Knowlege about risk management is required
Price: on demand € (per person)
     (all prices are understood VAT excluded)

Training info

Information security within a given organisation depends above all on individual and collective behaviour. The management’s role is therefore fundamental in making sure that everyone adopts good practices and that the way work is organised does not open up a breach in security


  • Master the risk analysis with the MONARC tool.


  • Raising awareness among the is absolutely necessary to improve the security of your company. Necessary but not sufficient. You need to manage the risk by using a systematic method which will help you to identify and mitigate every single risk.
  • This training teaches you to use the assessment tool MONARC, to understand and master its main functionalities and the different steps of the associated method. At the end of the training, people will be able to conduct a risk analysis using MONARC as described in the ISO 27005.
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