Room#42 - the C3 flagship offer

The cyber attack simulation game, made in Luxembourg

This is THE highlight of the C3: a simulation environment creating a realistic experience where all participants have to make quick, high impact decisions in real time with minimal information.

Experience a real life disaster. You will fall. Think fast to get back on your feet.

Room#42 is the highlight of the Cybersecurity Competence Center. It is a cyberattack simulation game, made in Luxembourg.

Its unique concept allows participants to be completely immersed in a cyberattack simulation (for a maximum of 2 hours). The way the players interact and behave is being followed by the game master, who will adjust the flow of the “serious game” accordingly. Good decisions will be rewarded and poor decisions penalized.

In addition to the Room#42 simulation in the morning, an afternoon session focusing on awareness raising and good practices in cyber crisis management can be added.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare your team to the next cyber crisis.

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